Review: Petcube Bites

Technology meets the pet world and it's about time! Honestly it was only a matter of time before we started seeing technology advance not just for us, but for our four legged friends too, step in Petcube. 

Petcube falls in line with the concept of borderline security technology and interaction whilst our four legged friends are at home (which according to data is more than ever).

Petcube isn't the only interactive tech out there, with the likes of Fitness trackers, interactive collars and even tech combined toys. All linked to your phone of course! 

PetCube (Bites) Features

- Stream in 1080p HD video with 138° wide angle view

- HD Night Vision 

- High Capacity Container 

- Scheduled treat tossing times 

- Cloud based video recording & timeline 

- Interactive community via the app 

- 2-way audio 

- Sound & motion alerts 

- 3 x digital zoom in 

- iOS and Android compatible(iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+)

As it was a busy holiday season, myself and the partner felt like we needed a camera of sorts to keep an eye on Koda as we were out parties and for a few hours in the evening. He's a quiet sort of pup and we've never received complaints, we also know he is heavily food orientated but my ticking curiosity wanted to have the comfort that a. He wasn't pining at the door all day and b. I wanted to know what he was really doing! 

Petcube ticked all our boxes, treats, camera and even night vision. So we purchased it off Amazon, needless to say the boxing was flawless. Beautifully packaged and well considered, downside, it was heavier than expected and the instructions we received had no ENG version to be found. 

The Pros: 

- Secret Spy: We discovered after years of debate, Koda does IN FACT sleep in his bed. The sneaky pup, so we'll be looking to invest in a new bed shortly. We also discovered Koda is very happy to be left alone, sleeping comfortably, he doesn't bark and he sniffs around quite happily. Having the Petcube would have been fantastic when he was a puppy, we never crate trained him and you can easily prevent damaging behaviour with a quick "NO" through the voice activation. 

- Treats & Training: A great way to keep your pup stimulated while you are out for the day, flinging treats kept Koda sniffing away (but after a short time he'd start sniffing the camera). 

- Night Vision: Seeing what Koda does while you are sleeping is rather entertaining. Dog's don't sleep like we do and he seems to be happy to run around the flat! (Going in and out of his bed). 

- Interactive Community app: I fell in love with the PetCube app, with the added option to interact with other peoples cats, I was addicted. I could play with the laser for hours! I also loved the added option to follow friends and even the chance to watch rescue homes. 

- Confidence in Safety: A small deal, but if anyone was to break in, knock on the door or generally hassle Koda we'd know! 


The Cons: 

- Sound & Noise: The sound is hard to hear though and it picks up on any background noise too, possibly white noise and traffic where ever you are. At times Koda found this quite disturbing and he was uninterested and unresponsive to my voice through the Camera. This could be down to his individual personality but be wary for nervous dogs. 

- Motion Alerts: As Koda is a quiet dog, we set up motion alerts only. Let's just say I would receive alerts when my blind blew in the wind, when a tissue moved on my desk and any subtle movement would get it going. 

- No off switch: We discovered relatively early on that there is no Off or Sleep switch on the Camera. This ended up with me receiving notifications of my bum, or generally putting on my coat or me watching tele. Not the safest bet and it left us switching it on and off via the plug everytime we were in and out. Not ideal. 



It's a yes, 100% from me. But don't take my word for it, read the reviews online and on their website. Most people's biggest concerns when it comes to pet ownership is leaving them throughout the day, not all pets do well alone and this can provide some valuable insights and reassurance in how you can train them to be comfortable. Some nervous pets will find it unwelcome and you have to be gentle in introducing the Petcube to them. Otherwise, it can be an extremely useful tool for any pet owner with the added plus of security and reassurance you can keep an eye on them! 

Thank you for reading, we hope we helped & Good Luck future Petcubers!