Review: PetWeighter

Recently I've been tracking the incredible possibilities via Twitter. Good bloggers will know that PR & Journalists use Twitter as a live networking and newsfeed, this is where we discovered that PetWeighter were looking for reviews. 

A few days later and return from holiday we were sent the blue version of Pet Weighter, simply a dog bowl with several compartments that lets you decide to weigh down with water or sand. 

The Cons:

- It was slightly too large for a dog of Koda's size & definitely not suitable for smaller dogs

- Can be heavy to lift and fill for older people, or people with back problems 

- Takes up a large space in a small apartment


The Pros: 

- Machine washable 

- Raised for dogs comfort 

- Weighted to stop sliding & unnecessary play 

- Easily put together

- Slim Design

We tested the PetWeighter dog bowl first with food and treats, it was slightly too raised a height for Koda. But would be perfect for larger dogs & dogs who tend to drool. Koda has controlled eating proportions so a small amount of food in the large width of the bowl caused Koda to run around it rather madly in an attempt to lick it clean. After the food trial, the top half was easily removed and popped in the dishwasher for a quick use & trial again. 

The base we only filled half way with some tap water and it became increasingly heavy. Koda has a lovely habit to smash his feet into the bowl or tip it over, quite often in the case of his travel bowl, but with this he didn't try. It was a welcome weight for the dog who loves to lick his empty bowl. I'd advise for older people or people with a weak back to be careful with lifting the weighted base, it looks lighter than it is & definitely caused me to slosh around for a bit! Good thing my kitchen is small. 

As a conclusion, I'd definitely recommend this dog bowl to larger breeds and breeds who might suffer from back or neck problems. It's also fantastic for storing large amounts of water which Koda thoroughly needs throughout the hot weather. 

Sadly I can't recommend for smaller breeds but I am looking forward to seeing them release a small size! 


Check them out here: