Review: Neoh & Nobo

We've noticed a huge trend in the last few years! Healthy eating and a huge focus on healthy diets for you and your pup. More than ever we're realising that what our pets eat, are influencing their health, well being and longevity more than ever before. Koda loves his food, I mean he's not a fussy eater but sadly is sensitive to certain foods that can cause his eye stains. Excuse his chubby demeanour, we're always on the hunt for treats that a. Don't exasperate his tear stains and b. Don't upset his stomach/throat. He is prone to a sensitive throat, backwards sneeze from certain foods that irritate when he swallows them whole. 

Introducing the wonderful brand: Neoh & Nobo. I was first introduced to Neoh & Nobo when their peanut butter flew off shelves at Purplebone, I mean customers would literally wait and email us asking when it would drop back into the shop. Beautiful packaging, simple ingredients - all I need now is a human style treat brand that's similar. 

Nearly every dog blogger I know has raved on about their Dog Butter & I am sure that's testimonial enough! Human peanut butter features heavy salts, sugars and a flavourant called Xylitol which can be deadly to pups. So hold off next time your pup gives you dog eyes when you spread that peanut butter on your toast. But not to worry Neoh & Nobo has you covered, a Dog Butter, full of all the good stuff and the pups love it! 


Neoh & Nobo's aesthetic and ethos lands in keeping things simple, natural and free from grains, preservatives and other nasties. 

From the moment the jar was taken out of my bag, Koda couldn't keep his eyes off it. He even licked the closed jar, in desperation to get in. It can be a little sticky but smells incredible, even tempting me and my partner to have a bit... (but we didn't!). 

The Dog's Butter has a multitude of uses than just handing over a teaspoon as a treat. 



Here's a few to think about: 

1. Pop it in a Kong or another treat dispensing toy, freeze it and make it a perfect summer treat and even teething relief. 

2. The Viral bathtub, spread some on a section of the bathtub when bathing your pup. It'll keep them distracted and be licking away instead of focusing on the nastiness of the bath time!  

3. Frozen peanut butter dog treats, dispense it with a mixture of other ingredients or frozen blueberries for a lickable treat every now and then! 

Neoh & Nobo also do a selection of artisan biscuits! We got the chance to try Spiced Apple, very in due with the weather indeed & as you can see from the photo Koda was desperate to gobble it up! 

Don't fret, spoil your pup and give Neoh & Nobo a try today!